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Hong Kong

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We are a group of experienced international business consultants specialized in sales, marketing, product management, customer support and general management in the following healthcare market segments:

Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging, Quality Assurance

• Radiation Oncology, Radiation Protection, Treatment Planning

• Molecular Imaging 

Our consultants can help you achieve your business goals in Asia Pacific with tailored solutions for your specific situation. We have the necessary expertise and have an extensive network of contacts in the region. We are here to help you to make the right moves at the right time.

Some examples where we can help: 

1) defining and implementing  sales strategies for the APAC region .

2) expand your APAC business to other regions e.g. the USA and Europe

3) adding new products or services to your portfolio.

4) reduce your sourcing cost


1) Sales strategy / network

Our HealthCare Consultants can offer the following business services:

New entrants:

  • Research market potential in various APAC markets 

  • Generating sales strategy and business plans for the various markets 

  • Advice on local regulatory requirements and assistance in gaining the necessary approvals

  • The establishment of a new distribution network:

    • Indirect with distributors and/or sales agents

    • Direct with fully-fledged branch(es) and/or representative offices

    • A combination of the above for key and secondary markets 

If you have already a network:

  • Analysis of your current distribution structure

  • Mapping of distributor performance against market potential, competitors and sales quotas 

  • The recommendation and implementation of improvements in marketing, sales and support processes to improve distributor performance 

  • Work closely with your distributors to ensure they play an active role in this improvement challenge 

  • Search for new distributors and/or agents


2) Expand your business

Our HealthCare Consultants can offer the following services:

  • Investigate market potential and competitive positions in American and European markets for your business 

  • Generate sales strategies and business plans 

  • Advice on local regulatory requirements and assistance in gaining the necessary approvals

  • Establish a new distribution network for you in the USA and/or Europe:

    • Indirect with distributors and/or sales agents

    • Direct with fully-fledged branch(es) and/or representative offices

    • A combination of the above for key and secondary markets 


3) Adding new products or services to your portfolio in APAC 

Our HealthCare Consultants can offer the following services:

  • Search new products or services and liaise with manufacturers in Asia, USA and Europe

  • Negotiation of distribution or sales agency agreements for your region on your behalf 


4) Reduce cost of sourced materials and components

Our HealthCare Consultants can offer the following services:

  • Analysis of your current purchase and sourcing processes 

  • Recommendation and assistance in the implementation of cost-cutting measures

  • (Re)negotiation on your behalf of supply contracts

  • The search for and appointment of new suppliers

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The people behind
HealthCareConsultants Hong Kong

Who Are We

HealthCareConsultants Hong Kong Ltd. is a consortium of driven business professionals from various backgrounds who all share a passion for healthcare and the desire to succeed.



Huub van Roosmalen

Hong Kong

Based in:

Tel. +852 9023 1879 and Email:


Huub’s career spans over 35 years, mainly in Asia Pacifc where he held several senior management positions: 

  • Director Business Development / Strategic Accounts for IBA Proton Therapy, 

  • VP IBA Proton Therapy APAC, IBA’s Country Manager China (based in Beijing), 

  • VP Accuray Asia Ltd, 

  • Managing Director Nucletron Asia Pacific Ltd and 

  • General Manager of Elekta Instruments Asia Ltd. 

Due to his frequent travels in Asia, he has an in-depth knowledge of local market conditions and an extensive network of hospital executives and healthcare distributors across APAC. He has set-up new companies in Japan, China, India and Thailand as well as selecting new distributors in the region.

Prior to this, Huub held various international positions with Philips Medical Systems, Philips Telecommunications and Data Systems and Philips Consumer Products in the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Japan, Kenya and Nigeria. 

Huub holds a B.Sc. degree in electronic engineering, IMD Business Program and EU-JAPAN Centre for industrial cooperation certificates.

Radiation Oncology, Diagnostic Imaging, Dosimetry, Business Management & Operations, ad-interim management

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Helmut Zingel


Based in:

Tel. +49 172 892 7850 and Email: 


Helmut Zingel has been working in the OEM market for diagnostic X-ray vendors for more than 15

years. He has held global positions with Siemens AG Healthcare and IBA Dosimetry GmbH, both

world-renowned German companies. In this capacity he has guided and supported numerous

projects to successfully integrate components into X-ray systems supplied by international system

manufacturers, with involvement from design, through to the validation and production phases.

These projects often involved participants from different parts of the globe and different cultures.

Due to his frequent travels in Asia, Europe and the United States, he has an in-depth knowledge of

local market conditions and has established extensive contacts with X-ray system manufacturers


Prior to his work in the OEM market, he occupied various technical and international sales positions

in the diagnostic X-ray and radiotherapy fields. Helmut graduated from the University of Cape Town

with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.


Radiation Oncology, Diagnostic Imaging, Dosimetry, Business Management & Operations

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Guy West

Hong Kong

Based in:

Tel. +852 9865 5117 and Email:


Guy West is from the UK and has lived and worked in Asia since 1986 in a career focused on the healthcare sector in all major countries throughout the region including China, Japan, India, Australia/NZ and the ASEAN Nations. Serving in key business development roles for the top medical equipment manufactures such as General Electric, Siemens and Varian Medical Systems, with a focus on Imaging (both clinical and preclinical) and in radiation oncology including Positron Beam Therapy.

Guy also has extensive experience in medical academia gained at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore as Deputy Director of Research and at the A*STAR Biomedical Research Institutes in Singapore for developing research and business links with US and European Universities and international pharmaceutical companies.


Guy has a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Radiation Oncology, Diagnostic Imaging, Dosimetry, Business Management & Operations, ad-interim management

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Wendy Schumer


Based in:

Tel. +61 (427) 899 675 and Email:


Wendy has a proven track record in business management, building strong teams and establishing long term strategic client relationships. She has 20 years of commercial experience managing a broad range of device technologies in the field of radiation oncology and cardiology. 

Currently Wendy is IBA’s Business Director for Proton Therapy in Australia and New Zealand as well as Sales Manager for Raysearch software at alphaXRT

She is also the founder and owner of CLC Medical who are the exclusive distributors of Eckert & Ziegler Ophthalmic Oncology brachytherapy equipment in Australia / NZ.

Previously Wendy worked as Oncology General Manager at Quantum Health and Business manager at Corvina Pty Ltd, the exclusive distributor for Siemens portable Cardiac Ultrasound.

Wendy possesses a professional background in clinical radiation therapy with significant academic experience and scientific publications leading to a Master of Applied Science by Research Thesis (Medical Radiation Science) degree. She has also a Diploma Applied Science (Medical Radiotherapy)

Radiation Oncology, Brachytherapy, Heavy Ion therapy, Diagnostic Imaging

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Rocky Shi, MS, PhD

Portland, USA

Based in:

Tel. +1 31048 74341 and Email: 


Multi-lingual (English/Chinese) sales and operations manager with unique combination of scientific expertise and business acumen, strong distributor management, market development, and sales management skills. 

Fields of experience: cardiology, radiology, intensive care, emergency care, surgery, anesthesiology. 

Rocky Shi has been working as a business consultant in China since 2003. In this capacity, he has undertaken projects including a.o. healthcare service quality improvement through evidence-based practices, the design and development of a new patient monitoring system, clinical information system applications and organizational efficiency improvements through structural and work-flow optimizations. Prior to his work in consultancy, Rocky enjoyed a successful career with Spacelabs Medical Inc. as Managing Director (North Asia) and Country Manager (China). Before joining Spacelabs Medical, Rocky was in charge of R&D as Technical Director of Dellview Medical Inc. After completing his master’s degree, Rocky's first attachment was as a Research Associate with Rutgers University, where he was awarded two US patents for a fibre optic-based blood pressure catheter.

Rocky holds a bachelors degree in Precision Instrument Engineering from Tianjin University in China, and MS and PhD degrees in Biomedical Engineering from Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA.

hospital patient monitoring, cardiovascular diagnosis, interventional oncology, clinical information technology, and other capital equipment and disposable devices

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Nobuhiro Toyota


Based in:

Tel. +81 797 89 4111 and Email: 


Nobuhiro Toyota has had a long and distinguished career in the Japanese healthcare business, with a focus on external business relations and local regulatory affairs. He held senior positions in Chiyoda Technol Corporation as a consultant and Nihon Medi-Physics Company’s departments of radiopharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control. He also performed extensive research on synthetic polymers and authored numerous papers on radiation and the Japanese radiopharmaceutical industry. His achievements include the production of in-vivo radiopharmaceuticals and the distribution of imported in-vitro immunoradiometric assay kits.

Nobuhiro graduated from Kyoto University with a degree in Astrophysics before continuing to do research worldwide. He received awards from the Japanese Government for distinguished contributions to radiation safety management, and is currently a Government-accredited inspector of radiation safety management systems.

Japanese radiopharmaceutical industry, in-vivo radiopharmaceuticals

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Jan-Piet van Bussel

The Netherlands

Based in:

Tel. +31 6531 83931 and Email: 


Jan-Piet van Bussel has 20 years of experience in Purchasing Consultancy. Prior to his consultancy work, Jan-Piet held several positions within the Automotive Industry, including Production Planning and Logistics and Purchasing positions at DAF Trucks BV and Volvo Car Netherlands BV. He then became the Purchasing Manager with Stork Screens BV in the Netherlands, and remained in that post for more than 12 years. Jan-Piet is now a Consultant, working with the ECN Energy Centre of the Netherlands, LG-Philips Displays, Gamko Holdings, Royal Philips Electronics NV and Philips Medical Systems.

Jan-Piet has pursued a range of purchasing-related qualifications, including Nevi 1, Nevi 2 and ISFAH, in addition to attending numerous in-house senior management seminars. Jan-Piet's strengths in this area include experience in acting on commodity markets and involvement in project teams.

Purchasing, sourcing

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